Ruby Mae LeBlanc (pancreatic cancer survivor) and William Hurt (prostate cancer survivor) testimonials for SEF Chemo.


John was a patient with early-stage IV bladder cancer that came to the Berkeley Institute in October 2015. Before coming to us, he was told by his doctors that, even with the best conventional therapy had to offer, he would not last 1-2 years. His oncologist started conventional chemotherapy treatments, in which he was “herded into a room with eight others like cattle” and the infusion lasted 8-hours. John said the nurse was only present to start the infusion and then returned when a bell rang signaling that the infusion was complete. He was also informed there was a possibility he might be able to return to work but only part-time. After only one conventional chemotherapy treatment, his blood-making marrow was almost wiped out leaving him with a severely low white blood cell count. John also commented that he got to speak to the oncologists for only a few minutes each visit, and was charged heavily when he asked for a few more moments of the doctor’s time. While doing his 8-hour chemotherapy infusion, John started looking for an alternative therapy and found SEF Chemo® in Berkeley.

With SEF Chemo® there is no reason for doing infusion over such a long period of time – our therapy usually lasts 20-60 minutes. John was able to return to full-time work immediately. His blood counts were so low from his conventional treatment that we had to give him a marrow stimulant before we could begin our therapy. Because our therapy requires the participation of the body’s immune system to naturally amplify the effectiveness of the therapy, it was important to restore his starting blood count. Due to Medicare and insurance billing codes, doctors and their medical staff are reluctant to spend extra time with patients that would not be reimbursed.

Berkeley Institute takes a holistic approach to healing. Dealing with cancer is an emotional challenge and our centers hire and train staff members to be sensitive to emotional issues during therapy and to provide ample time and attention for complete patient care. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our patient said:

“In contrast, Dr. Matsumura spent a very long time reviewing my medical history and spent a lot of time explaining all aspects of my cancer and why the SEF Chemo® works better than standard chemo. He would text me every day to make sure everything was ok. He would call in prescriptions for me late after hours or on weekends. Every time I received an infusion by the nurse, Dr. Matsumura would check on me and answer any questions. In addition, the nurse provided much more time with me during treatments compared to traditional oncology nurses that just start the IV infusion and then left until the IV alarm beeped. The nurses at the Berkeley Institute provided genuine care and asked me a lot of questions to see how I was doing. The nurse also provided me with emotional support that was very comforting during this really scary time.

My mental and physical state was so much better under this type of care. I feel that it really helped me to mentally cope with the cancer, especially when I felt I was being closely and carefully monitored by the doctor and knowing that if I got into trouble, he would be available.”

By conventional treatment, he would have had his bladder removed surgically and would be wearing a bag, despite that he was expected to die soon. John’s bladder cancer completely disappeared soon after only starting SEF but to be complete he received 8 cycles. His urologist could not believe the CT scan results. He admitted he is not easily impressed, but that this was so remarkable he believed Dr. Matsumura should get a Nobel Prize.

John went on to say:

“My tumors died from SEF Chemo® in October 2015, according to my CT scans. I’ve had urine cytology and FiSH tests in three-month intervals. My urologist commented that I am very lucky, because with conventional chemotherapy, my type of cancer usually reoccurs within 6 months. My urologist is very optimistic that Dr. Matsumura may have achieved a cure.”


Jose, and his wife Alba, came to the Berkeley Institute after they had struggled through eight years and $3 million dollars worth of conventional cancer treatments for his slow-growing prostate cancer in the liver.  His liver had become six-times larger than normal, he had no appetite, and was near death.

Alba wrote: “He has endured so much with treatments, medications, and long waits at the doctor’s offices, but then God put us in front of Dr. Matsumura. When we walked into his office, we could feel the warmth and love that he and his staff provide to their patients; we no longer feel alone fighting this battle. We are now a team. They make us feel special, welcome, and safe. My husband no longer has to wait in agony for hours in doctor’s waiting rooms. Dr. Matsumura is always involved in my husband’s care and he takes the time to explain everything to us. In addition, he calls me to ask how things are at home after my husband’s treatments. He gave me his private number in case we get into trouble; he is just one phone call away. Until we met Dr. Matsumura and staff, we had lost all hope about the personal and human touch in the medical field. If my husband loses this battle, I will feel so at peace knowing that in his last days, he received the best medical care in the world!”

Jose’s liver shrunk by half after only a few treatments of SEF®.  When he was first seen at the Berkeley Institute, he was no longer eating.  After a few weeks of treatment, he was able to go out to restaurants and his wife commented that his appetite was back!


Esther came to the Berkeley Institute with stage I breast cancer in 2016.  She is a registered nurse and she’s seen patients undergo conventional cancer treatments.  This is what she had to say about SEF Chemotherapy®

“Although my breast cancer was stage I, it was emotionally very trying.  I did extensive research and decided against doing radiotherapy after lumpectomy because of the potential after effects, such as discomfort and the increased risk of getting another cancer in the future from the radiation.

While deciding whether to do conventional chemotherapy, I learned about Dr. Matsumura’s SEF Chemo® treatment.  He and his chief nurse met with me and answered all the questions I had.  I opted to do his 8-week SEF Chemotherapy® and received all the emotional support to help me deal with my diagnosis.  I know I made the right decision.”

Esther completed the 8-week SEF Chemotherapy® with no side effects and has been in remission since June of 2016.

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