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Our mission is to help end human suffering, using innovative research and proprietary therapies, to advance humanity into a cancer-free future.


To provide a therapy with the highest probability of positive response, while eliminating the dangers of conventional treatment, in a compassionate environment.


In April 2010, Dr. Matsumura and his colleagues at the ALIN Foundation announced an historic achievement: all cancer patients treated with the SEF Chemo® in 2006 not only went into remission, but remained cancer-free without the toxic side effects normally associated with chemotherapy.

The results on patients undergoing SEF Chemo® are nothing short of stunning.  One oncologist, who regularly refers patients to us, remarked that he knows of no other place in the world where achievements such as ours are being accomplished.

Results are still early, but we are getting response on virtually every patient we treat, as compared to the 20-30% response rates of conventional chemotherapy on the types of cancers we are treating.  If we begin treatment while the volume of cancer cells in a patient is still limited (as opposed to advanced late stage IV), we are achieving clinical remissions consistently.  By clinical remission we mean that when we use imaging studies with x-rays, MRIs, or ultrasound we cannot find any trace of cancer.

  • Almost every patient we treat is responding to therapy.

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Dr. Kenneth Matsumura and Dr. Khan

3 Clinics Worldwide

We are proud to offer this revolutionary treatment to patients in 3 countries. Dr. Matsumura has personally trained every clinic to ensure the proper delivery of treatment. To find out more about where you can receive treatment, please use the Contact Form on the Inquiry Page.



Listen to stories from some of our patients about their experience at the Berkeley Institute, in their own words.

John was a patient with early-stage IV bladder cancer that came to the Berkeley Institute in October 2015.  Before coming to us, he was told by his doctors that, even with the best conventional therapy had to offer, he would not live past 1-2 years.

This is what John had to say about his experience at The Berkeley Institute: “It has been one and a half years since the tumors died from SEF Chemo® according to my CT scans.  I’ve had urine cytology and FiSH tests in three-month intervals.  My urologist commented that I am very lucky, because with conventional chemotherapy, my type of cancer usually reoccurs within 6 months.  My urologist is very optimistic that Dr. Matsumura may have achieved a cure.”

Read John’s full testimonial by clicking here.


While deciding whether to do conventional chemotherapy, I learned about Dr. Matsumura’s SEF Chemo® treatment.  He and his chief nurse met with me and answered all the questions I had.  I opted to do his 8-week SEF Chemotherapy® and received all the emotional support to help me deal with my diagnosis.  I know I made the right decision.”

Esther completed the 8-week SEF Chemotherapy® with no side effects and has been in remission since June of 2016.

Read Esther’s full testimonial by clicking here.


Jose, and his wife Alba, came to the Berkeley Institute after they had struggled through eight years and $3 million dollars worth of conventional cancer treatments for his slow-growing prostate cancer in the liver.  His liver had become six-times larger than normal, he had no appetite, and was near death.

After only a few treatments of SEF® Chemo, Jose’s liver shrunk by half.  When he was first seen at the Berkeley Institute, he was no longer eating.  After a few weeks of treatment, he was able to go out to restaurants and his wife commented that his appetite was back!

Read Jose’s full testimonial by clicking here.


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