In April 2010, Dr. Matsumura and his colleagues at the ALIN Foundation announced an historic achievement: all cancer patients treated with the SEF Chemo® in 2006 not only went into remission, but remained cancer-free without the toxic side effects normally associated with chemotherapy.

The results on patients undergoing SEF Chemo® are nothing short of stunning.  One oncologist, who regularly refers patients to us, remarked that he knows of no other place in the world where achievements such as ours are being accomplished.

Results are still early, but we are getting response on virtually every patient we treat, as compared to the 20-30% response rates of conventional chemotherapy on the types of cancers we are treating.  If we begin treatment while the volume of cancer cells in a patient is still limited (as opposed to advanced late stage IV), we are achieving clinical remissions consistently.  By clinical remission we mean that when we use imaging studies with x-rays, MRIs, or ultrasound we cannot find any trace of cancer.

The longest survivor is a 64-year-old breast cancer patient with liver metastasis who remains cancer-free over a decade later.  Conventional chemotherapy considers such stage IV patients incurable.

A Norwegian hospital administrator with colon cancer that had spread extensively to the liver and lungs received a positive response after only two bi-weekly treatments with SEF Chemo® and he went into complete remission after 8-cycles. He still remains free of colon cancer since March 2014.

Even with patients who respond quickly, it is our practice that patients undergo a minimum of 8 cycles of therapy to reduce the possibility of reocurrence.

An Australian pancreatic cancer patient with a large 10cm liver metastasis went into remission after only four bi-weekly treatments.

Another remarkable response was a 59-year-old breast cancer patient with a liver full of hundreds of metastases who underwent weekly therapy with SEF Chemo®.  After only a few cycles, the CT X-ray showed her liver with multiple holes where liver metastases had once been.  SEF Chemo® protected the white blood neutrophil cells so that rather than chemotherapy slowly shrinking tumors such as in conventional chemotherapy, neutrophils liquefied all the damaged cancerous cells damaged during the therapy.  The radiologist had never seen anything like it.

Many early-stage breast cancer patients, who have refused conventional therapies, have approached our clinics. We treated a nurse with stage I breast cancer with SEF Chemo® because she did not like what she read about either the radiotherapy or chemotherapy for her situation. She underwent 8-cycles of SEF Chemo® with no side effects and she was particularly to keep all her hair. She has been in remission since October 2016.

A bladder cancer patient in early-stage IV was told he had a year to live, even if he underwent the recommended conventional chemotherapy and had his bladder removed. After 8-cycles with SEF Chemo®, he made a swift recovery and remains in complete remission since November 2015. His urologist, impressed with the achievement, said that Dr. Matsumura should get a Nobel Prize. His testimonial can be read on the Testimonials page.

In an effort to explore the broad spectrum of efficacy of SEF Chemo®, the treatment of more and more types of cancer have been undertaken. SEF Chemo® has been proven particularly successful with bladder, breast, cervical, colon, liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate cancers, which comprise substantially most of the cancers that plague human kind today and continues to deliver stunning results.

This new therapy appears to be consistently reliable and far superior to today’s conventional treatments.  Only time will tell if our long-term remissions will turn into cures.