How SEF Chemo was Developed: My Personal Story

By Dr. Ken Matsumura

Today, large pharmaceutical companies have created a regulatory and marketing environment in which only billion dollar companies can hope to bring out a breakthrough medicine. The story of how SEF Chemo was developed outside this environment by a small but innovative Berkeley foundation is a tale of courage, high-risk taking, and of overcoming impossible odds.

Impressed by my concepts and credentials, the United States FDA rushed through the approval of the first clinical trial for Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy in just four days instead of taking the usual year. The hard part was over, I thought. It would be smooth sailing from then on. That was 1992.

When I found that I could cure advanced animal cancers with just two high dose chemo injections, used in combination with my breakthrough strategy to protect normal cells in the gut and bone marrow, I thought everyone would be enthusiastic and supportive. I anticipated a general collaborative effort to help me finish my work.

Each year cancer kills eight million people around the world. To speed my work and save as many people as I could, I invited large global pharmaceutical companies to help me in my work. But I learned that it is not profitable for them to create a powerful drug that cures, which they can sell to a “consumer” just for a few months. The fact is that today, pharmaceutical companies generate over $300 billion dollars annually making their consumers buy one drug after another trying to stay alive.

My naivety and trust in the world changed more when I realized that a cancer cure is not good news for oncologists and hospitals because they financially depend on cancer treatment revenue. Up to 30% of hospital revenue comes from treating cancer patients. Many hospitals claim they barely meet their payroll. Can they adjust to the loss of revenue if cancer was a treatable outpatient disease?

Imagine a cancer-free world in the eyes of someone who has dedicated their life — years of education, allocation of resources and funds — only to find your career obsolete. I have actually encountered oncologists who praised SEF Chemo and then suddenly reverse their support when the realization hit that their job, livelihood, and future could be challenged. Some of the online blogs commenting negatively about SEF Chemo are managed by oncologists. Many of our patients have attempted to post about their experience after successful completion of our therapy only to have their posts removed, then blocked by the admin.

This lack of cooperation by pharmaceutical companies and cynic oncologists has caused over 20 years delay in making SEF Chemo an accessible therapy to all. It has been at incredible financial sacrifice and untold personal hardships that this therapy has been made available to the public. I have spent the last 25 years of my life trying to ensure that the cure is not worse than the disease, that a cure can be available to all, not just a select privileged few. I could never accept investors, because I was never sure they took me seriously when I told them that this project was not about making money. We never asked for government handouts.

Just like there isn’t one solution to the world’s energy crisis, there isn’t one cure for all cancers. We are continuing to test SEF Chemo with each different type of cancer and it may prove that we can’t treat them all. The goal here is to save lives and I hope to do just that!

My organization, ALIN Foundation, is actually even more about social justice than about medical technology. Through our Operation Robin, we are determined to make sure that the four million victims of cancer, that the industrial world ignores today, will also be able to receive our therapy. I know we will succeed. I still believe right always wins.

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