Fighting cancer should be about much more than just treatment. It’s about education, support, nutrition, treatment, and prevention. That’s why at the Berkeley Institute, we partner with leading naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and therapists, as well as provide access to friendly and informative support groups, so our patients receive the most comprehensive and complete therapy possible.

Dr. Matsumura built SEF Chemotherapy upon the principle of synergy; by allowing the body to play an active and participating role in killing off cancer cells. That’s what makes SEF Chemotherapy® unique. With the body’s immune system left intact, SEF Chemotherapy® works with a patients body to attack and ultimately kill off the cancer.

In the same manner, we don’t want to simply treat our patients; we want to establish a partnership, so that together, we can provide a collaborative effort in their fight against cancer.

One of the most important, yet often overlooked aspects of cancer care is genuinely understanding the patient’s needs, feelings, and unique situations. That’s why all of our staff are not only trained in empathy, but are selected based upon their level of empathy and compassionate care they are able to provide to patients.

While we believe wholeheartedly that our therapy is the most advanced form of cancer therapy developed to date, we also understand that compassionate care has a measurable effect on patient outcomes. It is at the heart of our entire clinic. As every patient and their situations are different, we tailor our therapeutic approach to each person, so that therapy is always individualized for optimal success.