Dr. Matsumura is a world-renowned scientist.  He developed the HeartAlarm® Wristwatch that gives advanced warning against heart attacks, invented the bio-artificial liver, and invented the artificial pancreas which in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, NASA invited onto the Space Shuttle.  His bio-artificial liver has been acclaimed for being one of the Top 10 Most Important Inventions of the 21st Century in Medicine and Science, ranking his bio-artificial liver with YouTube® and iPaD®.  His bio-artificial liver was honored by TIME magazine as an Invention of the Year in 2001.

A graduate of the University of California Medical School in San Francisco (1970), he is a member of the American Medical Association and numerous scientific societies, including the American Medical Association, California Medical Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Details of all his breakthrough medical inventions can be found at www.alinfoundation.com.

With a team of dedicated colleagues, Dr. Matsumura started development of SEF Chemo® (Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy) in Berkeley, CA over 25 years ago.  Dr. Matsumura discovered this innovative therapy could greatly reduce the side effects commonly associated with chemotherapy, while also protecting the immune system from destruction during treatment. Using the body’s own immune system, this new therapy that turns ordinary cancer drugs into powerful, more effective agents that have shown strong, positive responses from patients of many types of cancer.

An idealist at heart, Dr. Matsumura also tends to the poor in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2006, he played a key role making California’s minimum wage the highest in the world.  Today, he dedicates himself to a world without poverty, volunteering his time at local low-income clinics.  He is creating projects that will make Native Americans a major player in providing cutting edge medical therapies.  He’s also highly involved with social justice programs and other charitable works.