8-Week SEF Chemotherapy® to Take Place of 6-9 Month “Adjuvant” Chemo-radiotherapy

Published data from the United States National Cancer Institute show that more than half of stage III breast cancer patients eventually succumb despite undergoing six months of grueling toxic adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy after a lumpectomy.  The reason is that conventional chemotherapy is inadequate and fails to eradicate every cancer cell in the body.

Conversely, Side Effect-Free (SEF) Chemotherapy® has proven to be more thorough in eradicating all cancer cells.  Where conventional chemotherapy fails,  SEF Chemo® has induced long-term remissions in patients whose cancer has spread to other organs.   The longest such survivor is a stage IV breast cancer patient with liver metastasis who was treated with SEF Chemo® in 2005.  She is currently completely free of cancer over a decade later.   SEF Chemo® achieves strong responses in all types of cancer we have treated to date.

Conventional chemotherapy, particularly in stage IV breast cancer, show response in only 19-32% of cases, and when they do respond, the cancer can return to progression after only 3-6 months.  Clearly, SEF Chemo® is far superior to conventional chemotherapy.

Dr. Kenneth Matsumura, the developer of SEF Chemo®, just approved the use of SEF Chemo® for stage III breast cancer patients with cancer that has spread to the lymph node.

Conventional adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy is not only ineffectual but, many patients refuse adjuvant therapy due to the horrible side effects—nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are common. The chance of hair loss is high, and when it occurs, it can be emotionally devastating. Radiation causes breasts to become hard and hypersensitive, making many women avoid intimacy. Radiation may expose patients to other cancers as well as to autoimmune diseases later in their lives. In conventional adjuvant therapy, it is common to purposely induce menopause in women. Eight-week SEF Chemo® does not cause loss of hair, nor does it induce menopause in women.

In conventional adjuvant therapy it is common for patients to undergo two months of toxic chemotherapy followed by eight weeks of 5-day radiotherapy, and then another two months of chemotherapy.   Many cannot continue to work.  Quite often, patient’s white blood cell-making marrow is so decimated that doctors have to use expensive marrow stimulators to restore blood counts.  It is likely that permanent damage is done to the marrow that may affect patients in their senior years.  Although the patients are told in the beginning that their therapy will last six months, in reality many patients end up receiving treatment for 9 months or more, while they put their lives on hold.

SEF Chemo® patients often have the ability to continue working full-time while undergoing treatment. Patients with stage I-II breast cancer, usually undergo 8-10 cycles before completing therapy. Exceptions to this rule are uncommon.

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